You are a trader!

Every day you are watching the markets ... trading ... learning new strategies... writting books... analyzing... teaching others... manage money... discussing the markets... making money...

All of this is part of your life!

The only thing that is missing is a real battle, a duel between you and a worthy opponent...

This is ForexDuel!

  • Alexander Nikolov

    • Points: 1080

    Vassil Banov

    • Points: 1080
    14 Jun 2013 - 07:00 Watch

Top 5 Traders

  • 1
    • Vassil Banov
    • Result: Points1080, Wins6-Draw0-Losses2, Applause48
  • 2
    • Alexander Nikolov
    • Result: Points1080, Wins6-Draw0-Losses2, Applause47
  • 3
    • Miroslav Rusev
    • Result: Points1040, Wins4-Draw0-Losses2, Applause45
  • 4
    • ALGO Pretender
    • Result: Points1002, Wins2-Draw0-Losses0, Applause5
  • 5
    • Stoyan Petrov
    • Result: Points1000, Wins2-Draw0-Losses2, Applause18
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ForexDuel All Stars
  • The stars tournament ForexDuel All Stars   „ALL STARS” is Forex …
  • Finished
  • 03 Jun 2013 - 14 Jun 2013 Results >
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Now let us introduce ForexDuel to you! is an initiative with main purpose to provide an opportunity for effective competition between traders. Here you will be able to:

  • challenge a friend to a duel;
  • be challenged to a duel;
  • paricipate in tournaments;
  • create tournaments;
  • watch the duels in real time;
  • win big awards;

and many more available to you after short registration.

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ForexDuel All Stars

We present you the players in All Stars Tournament

Група А

  Група Б


Dean Rusev


Vassil Banov

Nikolay Aleksiev


Shtilyan Kozarov

Stoyan Petrov


Petar Karaivanov

Miroslav Rusev


Kiril Iliev

Alexander Nikolov


Yavor Spassov



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